Need Linear WD500z-1 wiring help

I have a 3 gang box which has a fan control, fan light, and dimmer. I’m replacing the dimmer with the Linear WD500z. However, after wiring it as instructed, I’m getting nothing. Not sure why.

The wires coming in from the bottom left of box are what goes to my breaker panel. The top left to to my lights I’m trying to control. The top right are the fan and fan light.

I have the bottom left (hot) black wire hooked up to the black on the linear. I have the white hooked up to the neutral thats going to the lights. I have the blue hooked up to the black (load) that’s going to the lights.

Can anyone tell me why this isn’t working?


Here’s a pic of my gangbox.

i figured it out. needed to connect the neutrals. This was confusing because directions said to separate all the neutrals and connect linear neutral to the load neutral.

That pic brings back nightmares…

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