Linear WT-001-Z not working

(Shaun) #1

I have added a WT001-Z to my existing kitchen light which uses the WT500 dimmer. The existing 500 works and dims etc alls good. So i added the WT001 and added it to my smartthings hub. I see it and if i switch it on or off using the app the light goes on and off however when i press the switch it does not go on or off. The existing 500 switch does still switch everything on and off. Any pointers as to why the 001 will not work when press on and off?


Just to be clear…

The 001 has its own tile on the THINGS screen in the mobile app, and when you tap that tile the kitchen light goes on or off appropriately.

But when you physically press the switch on the wall nothing happens?

If so, first question: where’s the LED indicator light on the switch? A lot of people install these upside down because the indicator light is below the switch and they expect it to be above.

Then…do you see the LED flicker when you press the switch?

(Shaun) #3

JDR Thanks for the tip, yes it was the right way around. I did get it to work but have no idea how to make the next one work. I removed the switch I had in and replaced it with a new one. i then connected the switch to my app on the phone only once added this time it gave me a screen to configure it once it was added. So i followed the setup on the app and at the end i had a Convenience which i named Kitchen Lights. This let me add switches to work with the remote 001 switch. I chose the option to switch on and off the 500 switch and also dim the 500 switch. it now all works. I love the smart switches etc but to be completely honest the instructions on making this stuff work is very poor or completely non existent. How do i create a “Convenience” and why did i not get that option when i added the original switch?


It sounds like it may just have been a bad switch. It happens. Glad the second one worked!

The Convenience option is part of the set up wizard so most likely it being missing was part of the glitchiness of the first device.

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I had the same issue with my WT-001-Z. Ended up returning it to Amazon. Waiting to get a GE dimmer to see if I have better luck.