Linear WT00Z WD500Z LED Indicators Off? How?

I’m at my wit’s end with these switches and I’m hoping someone might have an idea or two on what I can try.

This is with a Linear WD500Z (connected to load) and a remote WT00Z switch (just connected to line power) to control the load on WD500Z.

Both switches are functioning as I’d like, however, despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to get the LED on the WT00Z to stay off! The WD500Z LED never seems to come on, which is what I wanted, but despite telling a smartapp I never want the green LED indicator on these devices to show, the WT00Z seems to be showing the LED bright green in my bedroom when the switch is off, which I think is its default behavior. I just want this green indicator to never light up, or even if I have to, have it light up when the light is ON, not blazing into my dark room when I turn it off!

I found a smartapp that is supposed to allow me to do just this (basically, tell my Linear switches to keep the LEDs off, no matter what), but the switches aren’t listening to it despite the app automating, so either the smartapp is in need of repair or I’ve done something wrong with the device types or setup or something.

I’m hoping someone else who shares my pain might be able to give me some things to try.

I will say, other than the LED indicators showing, both the master and the slave switch are working great, including dimming, responding to one another, etc. I used an Aeon minimote (hopefully correctly) to try and associate the switches, and maybe that’s part of what I did wrong, but overall they are operating as I would expect them to and seem to know the state of each other,

This forum is great, thank you all!