LINEAR GoControl, WS15Z-1 Switch - Change indicator LED

I have “LINEAR GoControl, WS15Z-1, Zwave Wall Mount Switch”

Everything is working fine. I wanted to change the green LED indicator from the default (lit = OFF). The setting was not available in ST as it is for all my other (GE) switches.

This seemed to be supported according to the sheet that came with the switch. But I didn’t have the option in SmartThings.

I found a way:

  1. Login to
  2. “My devices”
  3. (select the device)
  4. Edit
  5. Set 'Type" to “Z-wave Switch” (was “Z-wave Switch Generic”)
  6. Save.

At this point, in SmartThings app, the option to change the indicator was available.

The only catch is that the On/Off values are reveresed. When I want to LED to be lit “When Off”, I have to set it to “When On”.