Device configured with the offical default DTH, not the published one

After repeated comparison tests, our team found a bug:
For a device, if there is no device driver saved in the SmartThings Groovy IDE under the login account, the DTH selected by the APP must be the Z-Wave default driver when configuring the network access, such as the dimmer device, the default selection is "Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic ", no matter if the standard driver of this device is under review or released.
We have tested with our own products and also tested with equipment already on the market. I don’t know if this discovery is caused by our network or the new version of APP (or Hub, or other ?).
A very urgent question, I hope the relevant developers can give a reply as soon as possible (waiting online), thank you!

I find there are blank in many published projects on the Developer Workspace:

I don’t know when it becomes like this. This is true even for products released a long time ago. I have tested that as long as it is blank, DTH cannot be found when the corresponding product configuration is connected to the network.

Does anyone know? Help!!!

Hi, @chenjun.

We need more information about your integration so please send an email to with the following information:

  • A screen recording of the bug you mentioned so we can see the process you’re following when you get the error.
  • For this, send the project IDs (located in the URL of the Developer Workspace, after the last /)
  • Complete screen captures of what you’re referring to