[Beta] WD500Z and WD1000Z device handler

All documented configurations have been implemented. Device fingerprint should make ST recognize the switch directly (when adding a device).

The association part doesn’t work yet. I put them in the configuration page because I’m looking for a decent way to make one WD500Z follow another. Currently Smart Lighting app gives unacceptable huge delay.

To use the new device handler, simply add a repository in your IDE.

  • Owner: snailium
  • Name: SmartThings_Z-Wave_Lib
  • Branch: master

Or copy codes from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/snailium/SmartThings_Z-Wave_Lib/master/devicetypes/snailium/gocontrol-linear-2gig-dimmer-switch.src/gocontrol-linear-2gig-dimmer-switch.groovy

WARNING: WD500Z 5 is the Z-wave Plus version of WD500Z, and it has different set of configurations. DO NOT use this device handler on WD500Z 5