Linear WA00Z1 Smart Light Switch Cover (US)

Great work!

When you say “basic functionality is working,” did you mean via zwave association with other zwave devices? Or as a button controller to the hub?

It works as a button controller! Both buttons are independent (meaning there’s a button 1 for top and button 2 for bottom. It works with all SmartApps that work with the Aeon Minimote, tested with Smart Lighting. I just need to make it a bit better, then I’ll upload the code.

One thing that is hurting things a bit is the issues with the ST Platform. I do the best to test, but keep getting all kinds of errors on the app.

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Here is a “Milestone 1” release of it. It is far from perfect (Device Fingerprint needs testing, code is messy), but it works! Button 1 maps to the top button and button 2 maps to the bottom. It should work with any Button Controller SmartApp, tested with Smart Lighting.

I could use some help perfecting this device type. Almost could consider terribly written.


Nicely done. I’m going to order one of these and see how it works.

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I think it would be better to move the Device Type efforts to the thread @JDRoberts created.

Been busy working on this piece by piece. It’s been a lot of fun so far!

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New to this community and unfortunately have the Wink 2 hub but run into a similar problem with my philips hue lights and people turning them off manually. I read this thread and am excited about the GoControl cover. Is this still the best option? I see that the last post was a while ago and realize this market/industry is growing rapidly and want to get whats best. I have phillipe hue throughout my house and then in the bathrooms I do not and plan to add leviton smart switches.

There are several different options, depending on exactly what you want to accomplish. And the Sylvania smart switch cover, which is very similar to the one in this thread but looks a little different, has also become popular. See the following FAQ:

What does that device have to do with the topic of this thread?

I’m sorry, should be a reply in a topic about in Wall Mounted Switches in general.

I delete it.

Grtn Ben

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