Linear GoControl on the fritz?

Does anyone have experience with the controller and open/close sensor becoming un-paired?

I had a power disruption a little more than a month ago, and now the controller and sensor keep becoming unpaired for one reason or another. I’ve tried changing the battery in the sensor, only for them to unpair a day or two later.

Should I try a new sensor? Any suggestion on that front if so? Could my controller be on the fritz?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I would start by talking with gocontrol support:


Yes it happens, there are a few threads on it.
The best solution is to add a UPS to your power socket for your device.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m see disconnects even when we don’t lose power.

Every few days, I have to cut the power to the controller, turn it back on, and open/close my garage door until it repairs with the sensor.

I’m just not sure if it’s the sensor that’s the issue or the controller.

I just got off a chat with support. Super nice and helpful; they are sending me a new open/close sensor to try.

Often it’s power fluctuations which cause it malfunction and lose pairing or sensor state. Hopefully the new sensor works out for you.