Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener

I am setting up a new Liner GoControl garage door opener to replace one that stopped functioning. The old one was excluded prior to doing the RMA and i am using a new name for the new device to avoid confusion. The new GoControl has been properly detected by ST and shows as a device on my things page but the status says UNKNOWN and the device does not respond to an open or close request. I have verified the open/close sensor is installed properly and changed the battery to be safe but still cannot get the GoControl to respond. Anyone know anything else I should do before i RMA this one as well?

Did you try cycling the garage door with regular wall control? I recall that being an initial (& subsequent power interruption) requirement to sync the sensor & device.

Also, did you confirm Bluetooth pairing betw tilt sensor & device?

Lastly, confirm tamper button is being closed by cover on motion sensor? (I think you covered that)

These were all the troubleshooting steps I needed to take to get my 2 gocontrol garage systems working.