Garage Door Malfunction


I am not home now, but my wife reported that my garage door begins to close and then re-opens when we manually try from our Homelink in cars or button inside garage. Before I call a repair company, I just wanted to verify thay my GoControl/Linear zWave relay wouldn’t be causing this? Since I am not home, I cannot see if it’s possibly a loose connection or malfunction in the unit itself.

First check if there’s anything blocking the sensor. Usually when this happens to me it means one of the kids knocked bumped into one of the precisely placed boxes or shovels in the corner of the garage and broke the beam.

Yeah the wife checked the obvious :slight_smile:

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I would temporarily disconnect the GoControl and see what happens. That’s a logical first troubleshooting step.

Seen this happen a few times, check the tracks and the wheels. If it’s happening using the physical controls also it may be an issue with the calibration of the door controller or the tracks.

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Thanks all. My friend stopped by and unfortunately I need to have a repair service come out.