Iris garage door opening by itself

I had an issue last week where my garage door opener (IRIS) went offline, and had to unplug and re-plugged it in to get it communicating again. Because of this I checked my device log this morning and found that the door reportedly opened at 3:31AM and then closed at 3:39AM. My motion senors also show motion (most likely the door opening) at that time. This also happened one other time (that I know of) a few weeks back, but I did not act on it.

What I cannot answer is the “WHY”. Why did the door open and what can be done to stop it? For multiple obvious reasons I don’t want my garage door opening in the middle of the night. Any info is greatly appreciated.


[2018-12-16 3:39:25.521 AM EST
6 hours ago ]DEVICE contact closed Garage Door was closed true
[ 2018-12-16 3:39:25.518 AM EST
6 hours ago ] DEVICE door closed Garage Door door is closed true
[ 2018-12-16 3:31:45.800 AM EST
6 hours ago ]COMMAND ping ping command was sent to Garage Door true
[ 2018-12-16 3:31:45.102 AM EST
6 hours ago ]DEVICE contact open Garage Door was opened true
[ 2018-12-16 3:31:45.098 AM EST
6 hours ago ]DEVICE door opening Garage Door door is opening true
[ 2018-12-15 1:19:08.379 PM EST
21 hours ago ]) DEVICE contact closed Garage Door was closed true

are you sure the door actually opened? i sometimes get incorrect reports of my garage door opening and closing using the linear device (haven’t figured out the cause, but seems to often occur at the same time other devices report open or motion).

No I am not sure, in fact I have my doubts. Our bedroom is pretty much above the garage, and I did not hear the beeps it makes before opening. I am a pretty light sleeper, and would think I would have heard either the beeps or the motor moving the door. It brings me minor comfort knowing I am not the only one, I guess. :wink:

Could be a faulty door sensor.

You could consider plugging the door opener motor into a smart outlet that you schedule off at night, etc. That can provide extra peace of mind.

Tyler’s idea is pretty good as a failsafe. Nobody wants their smart garage door letting crooks in. :slight_smile:

A poor man’s test, while you try to figure this out. Place a stick or piece of tape on the door such that if it opens, it’ll be obvious when you check the next morning.

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Anyway to diagnose or “prove” to IRIS, device is less than a year old.

I was just thinking that! Good call. Keeps the wife away from those late night doughnut runs too!

Why didn’t this come to me. I use to do that to track if house keepers came and went it certain rooms. I must be getting old, I swear I was smarter before.

All great suggestions! :thinking:

I would look at the time stamps, looks like the door opened and closed in under 1 second from what the event logs are reporting.

Buy a cheap camera and stick in your garage like a Wyze cam. I had to move my sensor from the original spot I mounted t due to heavy winds would set it off.

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Question: If you plug the garage door opener into a smart plug, will the garage door opener lose codes for remotes (and programmed buttons in cars) when you switch the power off to it?

i hope not…i live in a place with enough power outages that this would be horrible :slight_smile:

I use a smart plug (the Iris one as it happens) to provide power to my garage door opener and use Smart Lighting to turn it off overnight and also while we are gone. It works very reliably, and the GDO doesn’t forget codes.

I’d be a bit nervous TBH letting SmartThings actually open my garage door.

But no worries in it still controlling the smart plug that powers the garage door opener? hahaha. Because there is nothing stopping it from accidentally turning it on and accidentally opening the garage door. Just saying.

Sure there’s a difference. If my smartplug that powers the garage door accidentally gets turned on at 2am, the door still will not open unless someone happens to be sending the right code to the opener. If your door opener accidentally receives an “open” command at 2am, your door will open.