Linear/Iris Garage door opener: V. Strange behavior!

Installed 2 of these about 9 months ago, never had much trouble after I paired them. (two more recently)
A few weeks ago I noticed ST notifications saying my garage door was opening in the middle of the night, at no particular time.1- 4 AM. (Craftsman opener)
I believe now it is not really opening, but still not sure. Anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried all kinds of fixes.

  1. Could it be a neighbor on the same frequency? Re-coded all 3 remotes and keypad…still there!
  2. Chat with ST Tech support: couldn’t see anything odd, not generated by a routine or ST input.
  3. Locked: prevents remotes from opening the door: Still there
  4. Added an extra door sensor: (tried to use it for mailbox but as too slow)

So from my recent logs it looks like the door says it is opening, then closing a few minutes later, when it really is NOT, according to the recent sensor I installed… (My wife get the notices too, and swore she heard it open one night…)
Obviously I can put a smart switch up on the ceiling and cut power to the Craftsman…but think the Iris?linear might be problem. ( and it is still less than a year old, under warranty)
Thanks in advance for your help.

Note: I have 4 of these, 3 Iris, one Linear. (yes, four…lol). I have a very specific reason for making sure these work. I have a rare neuro muscular disease, it is not progressive but has on occasion left me totally paralyzed in under 10 minutes. The last time it happened I was able to “Arm” ST and then open the garage door, causing all kinds of alarms. I really feel like ST makes my life more secure… I also have boat horns all over the house…juts in case. I’ve really enjoyed, being the gadget freak I am, putting in all the switches, and other devices. Doesn’t require a lot of physical effort, but is just another reason to keep me busy, and move forward. (FYI: I never remember much afterwards, twice this past year, but my poor wife…)


Try changing the batteries in the tilt sensors.

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Thanks: I was going to try that today! The opener is supposed to left you know when they are low, but if they are anything like my motion sensors battery levels, they are not very accurate?

Mine did that a while back. I changed the battery in the tilt sensor and then it worked again. In fact, it was reporting open while I was at work. I came home from work to check it. It was indeed closed. I changed the battery then it was fine again.

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Makes sense, colder at night, battery failure. Should have thought of that. Button battery…