Limited soundbar actions in routine for Sammy soundbar

Hi all,

I have a have a SmartThings setup (v3 hub, ST motion sensors, ST multifunction sensors, Meross smart plugs, various smart bulbs and smart light switches etc).

However, I also have a fantastic Samsung Soundbar Q950A. According to Sammy, to manage the soundbar in your phone you need to use the ST app. Given how much I use it for everything already, that’s not a problem.

What is a problem is the very limited options available in the ST app, particularly for routines. One of the best examples is that I would like “night mode” to automatically enable at say 8pm nightly, and disable by 8am.

For some reason the only options for the soundbar in ST routines are the generic actions like power on/off, mute and volume. You can’t even change the audio source!

Device is connected by WiFi so not via the hub. See attached for what you can edit on the device directly compared to the options for a routine.

Can’t seem to find an app that should be used other than the SmartThings app for managing the soundbar, yet ST integration is woeful and even managing it on the app lacks various basic features (individual channel volume for example).



Device in ST:

And here’s the actions available for a routine for the same device in the same ST instance:

I’m in the same situation as you, with the Q950

I ended up using Todd Austin’s Web Requestor to make API calls to SmartThings cloud via his bridge.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this directly from the app, and quite rightly it kinda sucks for automation.