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I understand I am able to allow additiona users to control my Smartthings. The question is: how do I limit acces to only particular devices? Is there a way of doing it?

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Boris - I don’t think there is.

I would love to be able to limit access and notifications. For some reason my wife doesn’t want to know every time the mail is here, garage door opens/closes, etc like I do.


I have to +1 this as its something that I feel is really important in a system like this not least as my wife is the same as the previous posters in that she has much less interest in certain notifications than I do!!

It would also make using a friends or family members smartphone as a presence device (so for example to announce the arrival of a family member etc). If I set someone up with the App as is now they get access to the whole system!

I am now a couple of months in with Smartthings as a platform and on the whole its good but there are certain feature sets that are just missing.

Hopefully someone on Staff can comment a bit more about this stuff in the forums so we know where we are heading.

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I think ST users should be more like computer users with different privileges and preferences. Admin with full control(Dad’s iPhone), normal users with control over switches and monitoring but no systems/rules modification (Mom who wants simplicity, kids’ iPod touch). Guest users with time-limited door entrance grant and some light switches. (guests)

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I accidentally posted a duplicate of this in my own thread. +1 for me and here’s a link to my thread just to link the two.

Yes. That would be so very useful.

I could have sworn I saw a ‘revoke access’ option on the other users iPhones (I don’t need the kids getting all the alerts I get), but I just went to get a screenshot, and couldn’t find it. In any case, the option to have a device act as a presence sensor but not have any other ST functionality would be really useful.

+1 and also to support restricted areas on each device. To have a tablet for the guest room only being able to access the lighting, heating, cooling for that room.


  1. I would love to have a simple remote app running on an ipod touch or something that I could stash in the guest bedroom as a remote.
  2. My wife also cares less about all the notifications
  3. My wife and I would like to have separate shortcuts/favorites

+3 for all the users in the house hold.

So how do you guys handle trusted guests like family or cleaners ? Just add them as a user ? Is that the only option?

You can create multiple instances of, each with own set of authorized Devices per @625alex.

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PLEASE - It only makes elementary sense to have an ADMIN User Level and a USER (non-admin) User Level. User should be able to have only the “Things” that they want to see available.

IS this being considered?

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