Events Lists - What is Recorded?

In my SmartApp I have a series log.* statements which are fine as long as I am using the IDE “Live Logging” option. Because I wanted specific info from this particular app while I was away, I included sendPush(msg) statements which, besides being a bit annoying on my mobile phone, work fine for recording specific/desired events under the IDE option “My Location/List SmartApp/theapp/List Events”.
My question is, how do I record the desired info via my SmartApp without using sendPush() and have it appear on this list???

If you just want to log into the main Notifications list and the “List Events” of the SmartApp you can use sendNotificationEvent(). I’m not sure if there is a log.* that will go just into the “List Events” though.

Only Display Message in the Notifications Feed
Use the sendNotificationEvent() method to display a message in the Notifications feed, without sending a push notification or SMS message:

sendNotificationEvent(“Your home talks!”)

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Perfect. Does exactly what I wanted :smile:

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