LightwaveRF switch actions captured in SmartThings?

I have a number of LightwaveRF wall light switches, inline relays, dimmers etc. The wall switches are really nice looking but over time a few of the dimmers and relays are starting to fail and need replacing.

It would be great if I could still use the LightwaveRF wall switches (remote versions not hardwired) with non lightwave dimmers/relays.

When I press a button on a lightwave wall switch is there a way for SmartThings to see that request being sent to the LightwaveRF hub (old gen not new, but could upgrade to new if it only works on that) or via another device like an Rfxcom device?

So…press a button, intercept the request and forward the request to a non lightwave dimmer/relay on the SmarthThings network via a virtual switch or webcore piston?

LightwaveRF added a SmartThings integration about 2 years ago, but it has to be the newer generation devices and it requires their Link Plus hub. It’s a cloud to cloud integration and seems to work well. Here’s their support article. For more details, contact their support.

For older gen devices, you can only get an unofficial partial integration and it’s much more complicated.

If the devices you have work with IFTTT (it depends on the exact model), that’s one possibility. But it’s limited. You can trigger based on a switch turning on or off, but you won’t know dim level, for example.

About 6 years ago a community member did create their own integration, but it required considerable skill and I don’t think it’s been kept up to date since the LinkPlus hub option was so much easier. However, just a few months ago a community member did some work on a second alternative integration that doesn’t require as much work and that works with the new app. But I don’t know if it works with the 1st generation Lightwave kit.

Anyway, here’s that discussion. I’ve linked directly to the most current version but you can go up to the top of the thread if you want to see the original community-built integration from 2015. (But again I’ve no idea if that one still works, there have been a lot of changes since then.)

Anyway, from the direct link you can see current conversations.

Lightwave RF Integration (UK) - #665 by Garry_Whittaker

Hi, I’ve got the gen 1 integration from Adam running on my Pi and it has been working great.

Is there any point upgrading to the new gen 2 hub to use primarily with gen 1 devices, LW say gen 2 is backwards compatible but does that mean ST can control gen 1 devices with the gen 2 hub?

I might add gen 2 devices when I need to replace the old ones. Apart from an official integration from LW to ST is there anything else to gain from upgrading e.g. can ST intercept commands from the gen 2 hub when used with gen 1 devices?

I don’t believe so because as I understand it the issue is that the Gen 1 devices themselves do not report to ANY hub when they are physically pressed at the wall. So in this instance “backwards compatible” means Gen 1 devices will have the same function with a Gen 2 Lightwave hub that they had with a Gen 1 Lightwave hub, not that they get new features. But ask in the integration thread to be sure.

All Lightwave connect (gen 1 devices) work with the L2 link plus hub.
All the connect (gen1 devices) will show in SmartThings and be controlled as normal.

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“Work with” can mean different things in different contexts. :thinking:

I believe the OP Is asking if you have a Gen 1 lightwave switch connected to the L2 LinkPlus hub and you manually press the switch on the wall, will smartthings be informed of that action?

My understanding is that it will not, but I would be glad to hear that I was wrong. :sunglasses:

Yes it will show the correct on/off state in SmartThings if you manually use the switch at the wall.

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