Lightwave RF Switches


Im just starting out with a SmartThings hub.
I want to be able to use SmartThings to control my lighting.

I have been looking at the Lightwave RF range of retrofit light switches.
Do these work with SmartThings?


Short answer: no

Longer answer: not really…

And in anticipation of your next question :slight_smile: read here:

Do the relays work with the Amazon Echo?

Yes, it just sees them as a switch/dimmer.

do these also work…I see this name mentioned a fair bit on here.

Or do I need this?

SmartThings supports z-wave and zigbee devices. Not all will work out of the box however, sometimes a custom device handler developed by a community member is necessary. I think the fibaro devices will work fine. One of those is a switch (on/off only) and the other is a dimmer; that’s up to you which one you want. Device compatibility/availability can be different in the US and UK though, FYI (I’m in the US).

You should take a look at the support website:

This one explains z-wave and zigbee:

Its for an outside light, so i just want it on or off.

The idea is to set up a geofence using the GPS on my phone so the outside light is on when i pull up at home.
I also want to use Alexa to turn the light on when i need it, when im at home

Not strictly true.
I have numerous light switches and outlets working through ST.
My setup goes down the custom DH route via a Pi. It doesn’t have to be via a Pi though.
Search for LightwaveRF and there is a thread describing how to do it.
Some people are also using the Lightwave relay for curtains.

I know, hence “not really”. Not many people want to have to set up a man-in-the-middle solution.

Have you moved to RF2 with the status reporting?

Its a shame its a closed environment - i really like the look of their products.

i dont want to over complicate this…in my experience, the more complex it is, the less reliable it becomes.
I want to set it up, and have it work when i need it.

I’m sure you have, but just in case… have you considered an always-on smart-bulb rather than the Fibaro? They are much simpler to install and can do what you want.

I’m not sure which ones are rated for outside though (even covered) - it may depend on the range of temperatures you get where you live.

The lights I have are LED floodlights
This type of thing. They are switched from inside the house.

I’d be looking at a sonoff for that. I’ve just been building one into an LED floodlight at work, as a proof of concept, and so far it works well. The next step (for me) will be the custom firmware and test at home with smartthings.

thread here…

I just had a twitter reply from LightWaveRF today about smartthings intergration. They are not interested in playing nicely and obviously want a walled garden. Here is their tweet…