Lights Unexpectedly On at 11:27PM Central

Tonight I was sitting in bed and had already turned off all lights in the house other than my bedside lamp. An hour later I notice that my kitchen table light is on again. WTF? But that light has a few “security” routines setup so no big deal, I must have left the garage open…nope, garage is closed and no security alerts.

I then notice there are four lights total turned on including the lamp in my daughter’s room. Luckily it didn’t wake her and I shut everything all down and started looking at logs.

To note, the impacted lights were a mix of ZigBee and Z-Wave devices. The kitchen light is a GE Z-Wave switch, the Garage Light is a Lightify bulb, kid room light is a Lightify A19 bulb, and the other light was a GE Z-Wave dimmer. There is nothing in my logs other than at 11:27PM On Command sent to light for each of the devices. I have not had random power on events for quite some time. All of my previous ones were related to the ZigBee fun with Lightify a year or so ago which settled down after one of the firmware updates.

Going to jump on board here with you, I had this happen to two of my lightify bulbs tonight as well. Looking at the device in IDE shows that it last checked for firmware at the exact time they turned on. It doesn’t show that they were actually updated though. I attempted to manually check for firmware on another bulb which didn’t turn on when doing so.

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I had the same thing happen to me in the morning a few days ago shortly after 5 am. Bedroom light went on for no apparent reason. I’m using GE bulbs.

I have firmware updates for lights turned off at the moment…no logs lead up to the 11:27 event on any of my lights.

You can see that at 8:17, the upstairs light was turned off and then at 11:18, I turned off the Kitchen light. Then both came on at 11:27.
Upstairs kids room - Lightify A19 ZigBee

Kitchen Table Light - GE Switch Z-Wave