Lights turning on randomly

My 4 LIFX lights in my bedroom keep turning on randomly together throughout the night. I have tried resetting the lights, deleting all automations, deleting the room and removing all zigbee devices out of the area. When I remove the integration between LIFX and Smarthings the lights do not turn on anymore, so something in Smarthings is driving it. Even when I turn the lights off at the switches and no power is connected to the bulb, something is still sending commands to the lights in the middle of the night.

Under this device, what does it say under “In Use By”?

The box is empty

Do you have these lights connected to Amazon Alexa? Alexa has a fairly recent feature called “Hunches” which has been known to cause seemingly random behaviors.

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Or Alexa Guard turning them on and off if it’s enabled.


I’ve been seeing reports for multiple platforms that Alexa hunches gets very confused when devices are also controlled through other systems, not just voice. Which makes sense. I even have a friend who only has Lutron devices, nothing else, but also connected to Alexa and it’s been clear that hunches doesn’t know anything about the schedules that were created through the Lutron app.

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I do not have Alexa in the house, only Google.