Lights turning on in sequence rather than at the same time like they used to (Jan 2021)

Hi… not sure if this has been asked before, but…
I have an animation set up (been working perfectly for last 12 months)… but all of a sudden wont work correctly.
I have a smartthings motion sensor linked to 2 Lifx out door lights set to turn on when motion detected, then turn off after 5 minutes.
Now, for some reason… when motion is detected 1 bulb turns on… then after 5 minutes switches off, while the 2nd light switches on… then 5 minutes later switches off.
…its killing me

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Screenshots would help us help you.

@Fletcher_Moss The exact same identical issue is happening to me. I had to break 3 different automations into a dozen separate device automations to work around the problem until this is solved. Now that I know it is not specific to me @vlad @Brad_ST @blake.arnold Can someone help with this issue?


I have also rewritten my motion automations multiple times over the last few days. It would have killed me if my girlfriend was not out of town.

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I was unable to reproduce the issue but reported it with the info from this thread.

EDIT: With @orangebucket’s help I was able to reproduce the issue and updated the bug report.


I just tested this on the Android app using a push button as the trigger and two lights.

With just the button things worked as expected. Both lights turned on together and turned off automatically a minute later.

However if a time period was added the two actions happened in series rather than parallel. The second light didn’t turn on until the first turned off.

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Thanks guys, I appreciatethe help… but now the weird thing is its going in a loop.
Garden light turns on … 5 mins later turns off… instantly the patio light turns on, then 5 mins later turns off… then it repeats (without motion)

@troy_owens… its driving me crazy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both lights, motion sensor, and even my hub… tried with a new motion sensor and same issue persists… :confused:

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Thanks for confirming orangebucket. Hopefully this will be taken cared of

@Fletcher_Moss Is this issue still continuing for you?

Hi Troy… yes… still not working and a huge pain in my ass

Same here unfortunately

Im about to toss the st hub and motion sensors in the bin… so frustrated and disappointed

Have you tried a work around by using a separate automation for each device as i have done. Its inconvenient but works correctly (until and if the issue is resolved)

Omg … im a complete idiot… I didn’t even think of doing that … just done it, and works perfectly…THANK YOU TROY

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Youre welcome!!!

(I’m so embarrassed) that didn’t even cross my mind to try that

Im just aggravated that I now have 13 automations were I had only 3. Overpopulating my automation list