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I’ve an automation that triggers 6 lights once motion sensed between a time period and auto-switch off after 2mins. a very simple automation.
all lights turns ON once motion is sensed, and turns ON after 2 mins

Current Behavior:
first light in the list turns ON, waits for 2mins, turns off,
second light turns ON, wait for 2 mins, turns off,
and so on
i.e they’re triggered one after other serially.

This use to work good, in the sense, all 6 lights used to turn ON simultaneously and turns off after 2mins.
But recently i see the behavior got changed which makes it absolutely unusable, because before the first instance of trigger, if second motion is sensed, lights will turn on/off like dancing lights.

i created a support ticket but the support just feels like useless, despite i gave smartthings logs, automation screenshots, test timestamps they don’t seem have figure out anything, hence reaching this community site, hoping someone can help. Appreciate any help on this!

See attachments please.

Am not able to upload all images, because am a new user.
here is the current wrong behavior

This is the automation

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I’m sure that was a very frustrating experience. :rage: There is an existing thread on this known bug. The only workaround at present is to make a separate automation for each light, but at least engineering staff are aware of it and are looking into it.

Lights turning on in sequence rather than at the same time like they used to (Jan 2021)


Cool! Good to know! Thanks! Yes, am using two automations, one to turn ON lights on motion and other to turn OFF if no motion for some duration.

Have you tried using something like the TrendSetter Smart app (or a virtual switch) to add all your lights into a single group/switch and then just use that single group/switch in your automation.

With TrendSetter it does mean, however, that the automation will run in the cloud (not clear if it does or does not today).