Period of Time + Device Only Executes 1 Action

I have an automation as follows:
Period of Time = Night (Sunset to Sunrise)
Device = Camera Motion Detected
Turn on Light 1 (auto off 10 minutes)
Turn on Light 2 (auto off 10 minutes)
Turn on Light 3 (auto off 10 minutes).

When motion is detected only Light 1 is turned on. It does turn off.
Lights 2,3 never turn on.

If I swap the order of lights, say 3,2,1 then the 3rd light does turn on, but lights 2 and 1 do not.
If I remove the “Period of Time” check then all 3 lights turn on / off, so I know that the lights themselves work.

If I set up 3 individual automations like:
Period of Time = Night
Device = Camera Motion Detected
Turn on Light X (1,2,3) / Auto off 10 minutes
This works.

So, it appears to be the combination of Period of Time + >1 Action that fails by executing only the 1st Action.

I have deleted / re-added the automation… same result.
I have tried another camera… same result.
I have tried an inside motion sensor… same result.

I am using the “New” Smartthings (Android App.).
I am certain that at some time this worked in the past and just stopped working (not sure when).

What am I missing?

Might be related to the problem in the following thread:

Make sure you report it to support:

Meanwhile, the workaround is probably to have three separate Automations, one for each device. I know that’s annoying. :rage:

I’m curious if eliminating night location status allows all three lights to come on… Someone had also mentioned where the combination of location status + motion wasn’t triggering a Smartthings cam to record…

Maybe try having night + motion to trigger a scene with those three lights, and see if it works.

It is odd for sure

It may be related to this. I shortened the turn off time and realized that it is executing the Actions sequentially Light 1 On → Light 1 Off → Light 2 On → Light 2 Off → Light 3 On → Light 3 Off rather than in parallel. I am currently working around it with 3 automations, but that is annoying.

If I remove the “Period of Time” check everything works as expected.


The new Rules API is nothing short of s#*t…it’s been nothing but issue after issue since it was debuted 2 app updates ago

Ok, that’s the known problem that is discussed in the other thread. It would still be a good idea to report it to support, because the more people who have the problem the more resources they will probably put on fixing it. But at least you know it’s not just you.

Hmmm. Based on email just received from ST, they aren’t real interested in keeping me as a customer anyway. So, maybe this doesn’t matter.

We wanted to let you know that we will be discontinuing support of your ADT SmartThings Home Security and Safety system effective June 1, 2021 .

Your ADT SmartThings Home Security and Safety devices (including the Security Hub, Detectors and Alarms) along with the optional 24/7 professional monitoring from ADT will no longer work. You will also no longer be able to use the SmartThings app to control any Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LAN devices that are connected to your hub.