Lights randomly turn on and off, usually the same ones

In the last few weeks, I have had Z-Wave light switches, and Zigbee smart plugs turn off and others turn on randomly. Usually only at night, and around the same time. No I have no automatons or pistons that have these devices included. Also it doesn’t happen at the same time or day. Anyone have any ideas about this? I just rebooted my hub V2, just to clear the cobwebs.

I’m really surprised you haven’t seen the many reports in here already. A search would have returned tons of posts. Lots of reports. No answers.

I spent time with Support on this. They blamed the devices as logs apparently didn’t show anything that pointed to ST. Who knows. One of ST’s great mysteries.

I have seen some reports, but not recent. What is strange with mine it is across every wave length. WiFi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

You can have ST support trace or you can look through your event logs in the IDE to track down the source of the events.
Some folks had sometime ago reported a cross connection with other accounts, where they were notifications for devices that didn’t exist on their accounts, don’t know if that the case but the event logs will tell the story.

I found the problem, and it turns out that I had a piston created, that I had paused, but when I looked at recently it showed it was running. I looked in WebCoRE and it showed paused. I resumed it, then paused it a few minutes later. The next day the random events stopped happening. The piston was stuck, don’t know how or why. I chaulk it up to a gremlin in ST.