Lights options for outside

I am just getting into HA and ST. Other than few small hurdles, am enjoying ST and building my house out. Current project is putting in dimmer switches in house as we replace can ceiling lights in ceiling with led (100 watt equiv). The dimmers themselves are linear WD500Z. Even at $30 ea, things are getting expensive fast. time to consider outside projects…

In looking at front house changes, I am debating on 1) putting dimmer switch for front of house and an outdoors motion sensor, with eventual replacement of physical lights later. Option 2) would be to buy the physical lights with motions sensors prebuilt in, but no connection to ST.

First option seems to give more control (ST). Option 2 would be cheaper and easier, and similar results can be achieved… Keep lights dim till motion is detected, then increase brightness, plus auto on when it gets dark.

So what are others doing for outside? As a side question, when replacing internal switches, did you do all or just a handfull?

Hello Malathan, I would pick up an Aeon Labs motion sensor which are outdoor rated and an additional Linear WD500Z Dimmer. Then you can have lights turn of and on when someone approaches your house, on a timer or when you arrive home as well as many other cool app’s that you could work with. If you replace your lights you will have less functionality than utilizing Smartthings which is too cool!!

For my outside lights I went with the Aeon Labs Micro Illuminator G2 Light Dimmer and their motion sensor

I replaced the switch for the outside lights and used the Sunrise/Sunset app to have them on at night and off during the day. I like having the outside lights on at night as a deterrent for bad guys and since I have LED bulbs in them I’m not throwing too much money down the drain.

is this the one that wont sense small dogs?

i used outdoor electrical plug to hang some of those old fashioned lights. they come on , on a timer… but it i had ‘time’ i would optimize with motion sensor

Your “old fashioned” lights look really nice how you have them strung out like that.

I put TCP Connected bulbs outside, with Aeon Multisensors over the doorways. I ended up putting an Ecolink motion sensor in the driveway as it has longer range. The Aeon seemed to only turn on when I parked my car under it, vs the Ecolink which triggers while I’m still 20 feet from the garage. There’s a floodlight TCP Connected bulb that’s quite bright. I turn most of them them on at sunset and off at sunrise, with an extra rule to only turn the floodlights on when there’s driveway motion.

opps I ment Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, (not the dimmer version) for my outside lights paired with the Aeon labs motion dealio…
Kirsten27 -Not sure how it works with small dogs… cats appear to not set it off, but cats a sneaky.