Questions about flood lighting outside house

So I have started the fun journey of automating my first house and couldnt be happier. Now it is time that i turn my attention to the outside lighting of my house and I had some questions before I jump in.

I would like to install 4 flood lights for the outside of my house and I would like to control each of them individually. I dont think that I will need an actual switch for any of these since they will be setup with actions such as turn on and off according to sunrise and sunset and have motion sensitivity through ST. Although I am thinking that it might be good to have them running at 70% dim and when motion is detected in a certain area that light can go to 100%.

I have been looking at the Aeon Micro Controller and I am wondering if i will need to get 4 of those to control each of the lights separately? Or if there is something a little better and more cost efficient?

Any advice or tips would be great. Thanks in advance!

Yes, you would need one for each light if you want to control them individually.

Now i see that they have one available right now, but it looks like they have a 2nd edition coming. Anyone know of an expected release date or if i should even wait?

EDIT: I also see about 4 different models on amazon and I cant really tell the difference from the product description. Anyone have a breakdown of the big differences between the models?

Two are dimmers, and two are appliance switches. One of each type reports energy usage, and others don’t.

I can’t speak to waiting for the second generation as Aeon is updating its entire line of devices this year and as of yet no timeline for what will be released when. The second generation is physically smaller and thinner than the first, if that makes a difference.

I did notice you mentioned “motion sensitivity through ST” and although you probably already know this, just wanted to be sure anyone else reading knows the micro relays themselves have no motion detection capabilities. You have to add a separate motion sensor to get that.

I do prefer the relays for controlling outdoor lights since you can usually find a place to put them where the signal stays strong and they’re weather protected, typically right in the switch box.

That said, a few of the smart LEDs are rated OK for sheltered outdoor conditions, such as in a fixture under the eaves. GE Link has one, and I think so does Osram. I wouldn’t use one in Minnesota, but might work in Florida or Arizona. But getting a good signal connection can be tricky. Still, it’s another option to consider for individual bulb control.

Good luck finding a reliable outdoor motion sensor too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up, That’ll make a big difference

You have any good ideas for outdoor lighting and motion sensing?

This thread might give you some ideas:

That said, if all you want is motion detector lights and you’re ok if they’re not networked, I really like Mr. Beams. Use them all around our house. We have one networked porch light, but use the Mr. Beams for path lighting and around multiple gates.

Again, the Mr. Beams don’t hook into your network, but for motion detector triggered path lights or closet lights, awesome. Many different shapes. Most come in two brightness options, bright and very bright.

I also really like that at least when I bought them they came with a 1 year warranty but if you registered the device online they extended the warranty to two years. That’s showing faith in the product. :blush:

They also have one $40 outdoor spotlight that has a remote and let’s you toggle brightness and shutoff time, including a 1 hour and 4 hour option. Really nice for parties. Again, not networked, but works for my needs.

I got some of mine Walmart and some at Home Depot, but they’re widely sold.

Not all automation has to be networked. :sunglasses:

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Those look great, I am about to start doing my outdoor lighting situation and I am starting to think that having lights that are not connected to ST might be a positive. Thanks a ton for a nudge in the right direction, it looks like Mr. Beams has everything that I will need

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One of the nice pluses with the Mr Beams is even if power is off in your house, they still work. it’s one of the reasons I like having at least a few non networked pathway lights for getting out in an emergency.