How to replace ordinary motion activated outdoor lights

(Ron S) #1

Guys, I have couple of ordinary simple motion activated lantern lights on my front patio, back porch and two by my garage door. These are the simple health zeniths/Hampton bays from Amazon/Home Depot/Lowes. They are well covered from rain and snow. Any suggestion as how to replace those with zwave/zigbee which I can control via ST?

(Brian Smith) #2

What about a controlled bulb or zwave switch and an Aeon Multi? If I recall, the Aeon’s are “weather proof” when protected a bit.

(Brian Smith) #3

I don’t think there is a way to use the existing motion sensor in the lights without some electrical surgery and an arduino board.

(Ron S) #4

It’s the electric surgery that I am scared of being a heart patient. :slight_smile:

(Brian Smith) #5

I would see if you can disable the existing motion sensor (so they are “always on”) and then let the Aeon take over in combo with either a smart light or a zwave switch. I think the switch is the better way to go since I do not know how well the smart lights will hold up through different seasons.

I’m assuming you like your current lights, so disabling the motion on them is probably the best approach.

(Ron S) #6

Will give your suggestion a shot first thing! Thanks!

(Matt) #7

Generally you can easily remove the motion from the wiring circuit. It should be pretty obvious once you look at the wires and where each wire leads. Mine was a piece of case.

(Ron S) #8

Today evening after work… :slight_smile: before the wife comes in… :slight_smile: