Light automation: sunset on, time of day off?

I have to be missing something. Two things…

1] Is it true I can’t schedule a light to come on at sunset and turn off at a certain time of day? I’d like so schedule “light on at sunset and off at 11:00 PM.” I only see the option for sunrise.

This brings me to this question/issue:

2] I thought fine… I’ll choose sunset, but subtract the minutes I’d need. My Samsung Galaxy 9 phone does not have a + or - sign in the keyboard provided in the Smartthings app. Huh?

Can anyone help on this?


Just use two separate automations with the same conditions. One which turns it on at sunset, and one which turns it off at time of day. It’s annoying, but it works.

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Wow! I never would have thought that would work, even if I had thought of it… Thanks a million!!!

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