Using camera motion for lights?

I have an Arlo Q camera along with Z-wave controlled lights in my loft and I was trying to use the Smart Lighting app to automatic the lights on the camera’s motion detection. The lights turn on just fine once it detects motion but I was also trying to set it to automatically turn off after X minutes but the problem I’m having is when the lights turn off, the camera detects it as a motion and the lights turn back on again…

Does anyone know how I can go on about this with my setup?

Hi i dont have your setup but let i believe you can use CORE to suspend a piston.

So in your case, i would create a rule in core where it will trigger the lights exactly like in you smart lightning app, and in addition add a condition where it would prevent it from re triggering again within a certain period of time

I don’t have the Arlo system but most cameras have a sensitivity setting. Have you tried lowering it?

Systems like Arlo and Blink are not primarily Motion sensors and will shoot video clips and report mosion after. nd a lot of people in the @RBoy Official Blink Device Handler thread have been pushing Blink to let us turn off the video prtion of the camera for certain times and use them as motion sensors. However, there is little hope for that to happen.

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I have been successful in using the Blinks as motions using a couple of CoRE Pistons. Only limitation, which it shouldn’t be, is that CoRE only allows me to set the video length to a max 10 seconds. I get past this by using the RBoy app to set the video length based on a mode. So whenever the Blink System arms, it sets the appropriate mode. I only use them for turn off purposes, but you could easily update the Pistons for Turn On operations. However, there will be about a 1-2 second delay for motion to register which is not ideal.

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If you use the @RBoy camara managment app, you are able to set the recordming time to 1 second.

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Yeah but you can not change it back to whatever unless you change modes. When the lights are off and I have an event that triggers recording, it will default to just 1 sec. This way, I can use them as motions when the lights are on and still revert back to record standby when they are off. Also using this piston to enable or disable only the needed cameras for recorded events.

While agree that this piston is a practical sollution, it does take its toll on the Blink servers when you overload them with camera change requests. That is one of the reasons, that Blink wants to pull their support for @RBoy and other’s integrations. I am not saying that my own piston for Blink perimiter and interior cameras doesn’t load up their servers with requests, but if they only allowed us to directly disable and enable the recording at will.

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Totally agreed! Yeesh, enabling motion without recording would have a very minimal if any effect on their servers. What gives?

Slow to adapt to market demands and home automation needs I would think.

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That’s why we all need to keep sending them featur requests so that they don’t get too relaxed on their jobs.