HELP - Adding Lifx routines when Away (Armed) -

Bit of a noob with the Smartthings at the moment.
Although I’ve dabbled with smart devices before, I’m finding the app difficult to add simple device instructions too.
This might be me being an idiot but I’ve heard great things about this community so wondering if anyone can spell it out for me.

I have 2 Lifx colour 1000 bulbs that I would like to switch on/off at certain times but ONLY when I’ve changed the Smartthings app to Away(Armed) mode from the dashboard. Mainly so I can set ‘n’ forget when I’m at work, but don’t want the timers to kick in if I’m home(disarmed)

I’ve connected the bulbs and they work fine with the app but i can’t seem to set up a timer feature for armed only.

I’d like to add further features but only when armed - I.e. Lights coming on when door opened - But again only when armed)

Any help would be hugely appreciated -

I think you can do this in the stock Smart Lighting app. After you select the times for on and off, press the More Options link at the very bottom of that screen. It has a check box for the lighting automation to only happen when the mode is a certain value.