Lights auto turn on after 1 hr, no idea why

I have two lamps that use this Zwave plug.
They are grouped together in Alexa so that I can say “living room lights off” and the both turn off. Every time I turn them Off, either through Alexa or through the app etc they always turn back on exactly 1 hour later.

I have logs from ST that show it is exactly 1 hour. I checked all the smart and learning nonsense from Alexa and nothing there either. Any idea whats going on? Its just these two devices, no other lights.


  • any timers that may have been set up for each device (just open the device in the ST app)
  • click on the Routines tab at the bottom of the screen for each device
  • check if Hunches is enabled in Alexa and creating Alexa Routines
  • is ST shared with other users who might be connected to Alexa and using Hunches?

good luck!

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I have a couple Zooz switches (Zen23) that do this with the stock device handler. However with the custom one it does not. Very strange.

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Sounds like the device parameter number 6 is doing this.


Mine sometimes have this issue. It’s however with the stock Zwave switch. Once I switch to the Custom DTH it quits the issue. Maybe @doncaruana can shed some light on this issue.