Lighting Issue - Can you Trigger Lights from a Switch (Like a Button)? (UK)

Sure, no problem. :sunglasses: This is called a “virtual two way” in the UK (and a “virtual three-way“ in the US), it is a very common way of adding additional wall controls that don’t require wiring.

You can use a mains powered device or if you prefer you can use a battery powered one. (There are even some new devices which are not wired to the means but are “battery free“ using the kinetic power from when you push the button.)

So there are many options.

There are two main ways of doing this. If you have only Z wave devices, you might choose to do it by having the button talk directly to the master device. This is called “Z wave direct association.”

Or, you could have the button talk to the hub and then the hub talk to the Master. This lets you use any device that the hub can communicate with, including devices of other protocols like zigbee. It also does a better job of keeping all the statuses in sync. So this is usually the preferred method, but some people do still like to use the older the wave direct association method because it will work even if the hub or smartthings cloud is not available.

See the following FAQ for some of the device options. Each entry is marked as being for the US or the UK, and indicate whether it is Mains powered or battery powered. The post should also have a link to a discussion thread about that specific device.

If you do have any questions about individual devices, please use the linked to discussion thread or come back here and ask them. Don’t put questions in the FAQ, it is just intended to be a poster or two about each individual device to keep it easy to read in the future.

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@anon36505037 May have more to add. He is in the UK and has done two full houses with Fibaro Kit.

Some US members may suggest a method that involves hotwiring a master switch so that it doesn’t control the load. My understanding is that method is not legal in the UK unless the switch is specifically designed for that purpose and the manufacturer provides a wiring diagram that matches what you are going to do. And in any case that approach is not necessary for the situation you describe.