Dual smart light switch for the UK?


(Andy) #1

Hi all, I’m new to SmartThings and am setting up my lighting first. I have the Osram bulbs from Amazon which work well but I want to add the under cupboard lights in the kitchen. The easiest way I can see is to add a smart switch to replace the existing wall switch, instead of replacing all the lights in the kitchen.

I can’t see to find any for the UK. Ideally, I want to just replace the wall light switch but I’m surprised there isn’t anything out there for the UK.

Also, I currently have a dual switch at the moment so one switch does the main ceiling lights and another does the under cupboard ones. The new smart switch will need to be a dual switch that allows manual switching too.

Any ideas?

Here is a photo to help explain:

(codersaur) #2

Why not just use a Fibaro Double Switch 2 or Dimmer 2? Then you can use any wall switch you want (including the one you’ve already got).

E.g. I use these behind Legrand Arteor momentary switches. You can get singles, doubles, triples, etc…

(Robin) #3

Fibaro Dimmer 2 is your best bet for the UK, you would need two of them.

The Fibaro double switch module can control two independent loads, however it won’t dim and relies on having a Neutral at the switch, which most U.K. homes don’t.

(Andy) #4

Thanks David and Robin. So if I only need the left switch (the one that controls the cupboard lights) I can connect the FIBARO Single Switch (or Dimmer) to this so that it turns the power on/off to the switch. The switch would need to remain on all the time for this to work?

Thanks for your help!

(Robin) #5

The micro module effectively becomes the switch (taking the permanent live that used to go to the switch and outputting through the switched live that goes to the light),

The original physical switch becomes a low voltage remote, to control the micro module.

You can toggle the light via both the wall switch and the ST app and can chose if you want the physical switch to stay in sync with the light.

(Andy) #6

Thanks Robin, I see what you mean now. Luckily I have neutral and earth in there but no space and the back box is firmly wedged in with plaster so it’s going to need some work! Ha ha

(Robin) #7

You can often put them in the ceiling instead, if no room behind the switch.