Dual smart light switch for the UK?

Hi all, I’m new to SmartThings and am setting up my lighting first. I have the Osram bulbs from Amazon which work well but I want to add the under cupboard lights in the kitchen. The easiest way I can see is to add a smart switch to replace the existing wall switch, instead of replacing all the lights in the kitchen.

I can’t see to find any for the UK. Ideally, I want to just replace the wall light switch but I’m surprised there isn’t anything out there for the UK.

Also, I currently have a dual switch at the moment so one switch does the main ceiling lights and another does the under cupboard ones. The new smart switch will need to be a dual switch that allows manual switching too.

Any ideas?

Here is a photo to help explain:

Why not just use a Fibaro Double Switch 2 or Dimmer 2? Then you can use any wall switch you want (including the one you’ve already got).

E.g. I use these behind Legrand Arteor momentary switches. You can get singles, doubles, triples, etc…


Thanks David and Robin. So if I only need the left switch (the one that controls the cupboard lights) I can connect the FIBARO Single Switch (or Dimmer) to this so that it turns the power on/off to the switch. The switch would need to remain on all the time for this to work?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks Robin, I see what you mean now. Luckily I have neutral and earth in there but no space and the back box is firmly wedged in with plaster so it’s going to need some work! Ha ha