HomeSeer HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Anyone know how to get this properly recognized by SmartThings? It shows up as a Schlage Motion Sensor with no optons, its always on. It should report Temp, Motion, and luminance. Also report battery status. I can get it properly recognized by Razberry using the Z-Way demo software but not SmartThings.

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In the same boat. It worked well with my Vera but I can’t get it to work at all with ST. It does recognize the sensor properly, but it always detects motion and never detects temperature.

Any luck making it work with ST.
i have one. worked with my vera2 for about 6 months and then kind of quit.
cannot get it work anymore.

Well, it’s a step up from my wink hub experiment. That had the device listed as 3 unknown devices. At least this recognizes the motion sensor. My veralite experiment listed all three devices (temp,motion and luminance). BTW, this goes under the name EZMotion or EZ Motion.

It would be really nice to have all three devices configurable.

Also, the iphone app hangs when you click the SmartApps option for the device.