Lightify GU10 lamp firmware check version please?

I have a few Lightify GU10 lamps directly connected to ST hub, I don’t have the Lightify gateway. I believe now that ST is supposed to update the firmware of the actual lamps now?

Not sure if it does, mine are listed as follows, can someone check theirs please and post, and also wondering if its worth me getting the gateway if not to update then firmware and then connect them to ST hub direct again?

I seem to get random switch on’s thats all, and can’t see what is doing it, but looking around web seems a problem of these lamps, so wondering if I have latest firmware version

Lamp 1
Current Version: 0x01020307
Target Version: 0x01020307
Last Updated: N/A

Lamp 2
Current Version: 0x01020307
Target Version: 0x01020307
Last Updated: N/A

Lamp 3
just says “check now” and I’ve clicked it numerous times in past as well


Anyone help please?

i link mine via Hue , but did an update about 2 months ago and i had to reset them. I did the update via the Lightly hub as im not sure if ST is updating firmware yet . my GU10’S are on SW:V1.03.21 ( is says this in the hue app)

Wonder if the Hue reports different firmware than the actual Lightify lamp? you can see what ST report mine as above. I presume compared to yours mine is v1.02.? so is different.

Maybe I’ll have to get a Lightify gateway just for the firmware updates then, thanks

Just managed to find my Lightify Gateway and checked the GU10 lamps and according to the Gateway.

PAR16 50 TW
Current Version 01020510

They register with SmartThings as


I purchased from Amazon UK about 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately I cannot remember what version they shipped with but they updated immediately on pairing with the gateway. Every time I purchase I pair with the Gateway first to ensure the latest FW Update. Never actually tried to update through SmartThings.

Mine says it’s up-to-date when I use it through the hub but that is a lower version than @Bingstroller stated on his. I still don’t think the in-line updates work for these Osram bulbs which is unfuriating because ST does not enable you to ‘pause’ all your automations to take one out for upgrade; you literally have to crash it out of all automations to upgrade and then build them all again which is totally rubbish:

Current Version: 0x01020307
Target Version: 0x01020307
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-01-31 6:10 PM GMT - Check Now

Anyone know what they latest firmware is not today? Any updates since @Bingstroller post please?

I also don’t think ST updates then at all, I had to buy a Lightify gateway and remove from ST and then re-add.


Hope this helps but I moved my Lightify GU10 to my Philips Hue hub because it was just not reliable kept loosing connection with the SmartThings hub and needed power cycling of the bulb. It still did this after upgrading to the latest firmware.

I updated to the latest firmware through the Lightify Hub but I can only see what the Philips Hue hub reports today which is V1.05.10. Hue does report the firmware number differently but the 510 may match Bingstroller.

The move to Philips hue meant I also got local processing due to the new Hue local processing support and the Lightify bulb is completely reliable now.

I don’t believe SmartThings support the firmware upgrade on the UK bulbs it only works on the US versions, so their numbers will probably always match current and target.

I know not totally helpful but hopefully helps a little bit.