Lightify gardenspots

Does anybody still use these besides me?

Specifically this DTH?

I’m still using the color loop feature.

I still have two sets operating on this DTH. Wondering if anyone is working on updating for new edge drivers.

I was using that DTH, but i have switched to stock RGB bulb DTH. Yes, I have lost pulsing, loop, etc…

I am recently having an issue were one of the 2 garden spot strips wont turn off. I select off and the color goes to yellow and shows off in the app. I am using the ZigBee RGBW Bulb device handler and logs are somewhat useless…

Actually when i looked at IDE, i am using Osram RGBW DTH.
I’ll try and switch to stock Zigbee RGB, and report if i have any issues

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Any change, I have 1 set that responds to all the commands except for “Off” it changes the color to white or red when I select off.

No changes at all, and it works as any other RGB bulb.

You do loose those special actions that are not in DTH

We might be able to get those back with new Edge driver. In another post one of devs mentioned that he can add hardware actions like increase and decrease.

As @Mariano_Colmenarejo is developing Zigbee drivers for Light bulbs, he might be able to create one for this too, as is considered RGB bulb.
Let’s wait for him to develop this driver first.

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