Lightify Gardenspot Mini’s

Is it possible to setup a schedule with different color lights for different days with the Lightify Gardenspot Mini’s lights?

There has been some discussion at this thread here. One of the options is to have a custom DTH (Device Type Handler) to allow for color looping.

You could use the CORE app. Write a piston to do what you want and when. I think if you go to the thread posted you’ll see examples of using core to control them.

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Or 7 SmartLighting automations. Set color red on Monday only. Set color blue on Tuesday only. It gets crazy thats true…and the color picker sucks in SmartLighting. But hey…it can be done.

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Thanks. I think I got the Core thing setup correctly. We shall see at 6:30 pm what happens. Lol. If not I’ll give the others a try

If it doesn’t work right, keep trying, go to the CoRE user help thread and ask for help. The thread is HUGE and a jumbled mess but hopefully someone will jump in with a quick answer.

Yeah i browsed the thread and saw the mess. Thanks I’ll post there if it doesn’t work

I setup some color changing and some color loop pistons in CoRE. I found works better if you change the DTH also. But unlike others in actually using a RGBW handler that was made for the osram A19’s and works pretty well. Has the color loop command built in which works great!


Can you please post your pistons?