Lightify (direct to ST) and Amazon Alexa

I currently have Osram Lightify lamps directly connected to ST, ie not using the Lightify gateway.

I’m thinking of getting Alexa, I think this work natively with ST, but will it control the Lightify lamps direct or will it need the Lightify gateway as well?


Lamps or bulbs? If you are referring to the bulbs I use Alexa to control my Lightify bulbs and I do not have a Lightify hub.

Lamps or bulbs? Not sure what you mean by this. They are GU10 lamp/bulb

I have GU10 Lightify lamps that I want to control. Can I ask how this works then please? How do you name them to switch them on/off?


Ok, I’m not sure about those bulbs. I’m using

I add them to my Alexa app and then say Alexa, turn on living room light.

What the US calls a “bulb” is called a “lamp” in the UK.

“Table lamp” means the same thing in both regions.

“Standard lamp” in the UK is a “floor lamp” in the US.

“Light fitting” in the UK is a “light fixture” in the US.

A decorative ceramic moulding around the Light fitting in the UK is called a “ceiling rose.” The technical name for this in the US is “medallion” but most people don’t use that name at all, as these are much less common In the US.

These are used in the US for ceiling fans, but then they are usually metal and are called the “canopy.”



And “smart bulb” is the same in both places.


You cannot use the lightify gateway with SmartThings, but you won’t need it.

You will control the smart bulbs with Alexa through the SmartThings/Alexa interface.

If you want to use the Alexa/lightify interface instead, you would have to have the lightify gateway, but then you would not be able to use the smart bulbs with SmartThings.

You will be able to name them just about anything that you like. :sunglasses:

Great stuff thanks. I don’t want to use the Lightify gateway your correct, currently the lamps after works fine direct to ST.

So the name in ST is what you would ask Alexa to switch on/off?

Cleverly I have 3 GU10 lamps rubbing with ST (have more to add soon). Iced just called them Lightify 1, 2, 3. They are all in the hall, so how would I get them all to switch off/on at once? Would I have to rename them to hall or something as want them all to work together?

Sorry never used Alexa so unsure how works etc

Echo lets you create your own group name to use just for echo, so you could name them anything you want to and you can put any of your devices into one or more groups.

So you could create a group called “hallway” in the echo app and then assign your three lights to it and then you would just say “echo, turn on the hallway.” And all three lights would come on.

You could also give them individual names or have a group with just two of the bulbs.

Groups are very easy to use with echo and the fact that you can put a device into more than one group is especially nice. :sunglasses:

I have the strip lights, a couple A19s and the can lights from osram lightify series. Once they’re in ST, and you’ve connected your echo to ST, it’ll see them no problem. Like others have said, it won’t know your room settings or anything so you’ll have to define all that in the echo app again.

Alexa doesn’t see my light strip even though I can control it just fine with ST. Do I need to enable the Lightify skill? If so, how do I set up an account without a bridge?

Might try a different DH and have Alexa rescan for devices. I can’t remember if you have to enable smartthings as a skill or not.