Alexa and Lightify: connects to ST but Alexa not finding

Is anyone else having problems with Alexa, Lightify and ST working together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I can’t find any reason why it doesn’t work. Here is what happens:

  1. I have Lightify bulbs in my sofa lamp, recliner lamp and sun room lamp.
  2. The Lightify bulbs pair with my ST hub no problem. I can also operate the bulbs successfully through the ST app.
  3. Alexa finds the devices when doing a device discovery.
  4. Initially, Alexa can control the Lightify device via ST with no problem.
  5. Inexplicably, one day Alexa announces “I can’t find a device named ‘Sofa Lamp’ in your devices.”. Yet I can operate the device through the ST app and the Alexa app shows the device in my devices list.

Like I said, sometimes I’ll ask Alexa to turn on the sofa lamp and it works. Other times it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it will inexplicably start working again without me changing anything.

Where do I begin to solve this problem? Abandon Lightify and go with Hue?



The very first thing to do would be to look in the Amazon app itself and check history and see what echo thought you were saying. Also if you haven’t done the voice training there, yet, it can help to do that.

Just as an example, we have an echo group called “outside lights.” For some reason, when one of my housemates is speaking, it sometimes thinks he said “upside lights.” It never gets it wrong for me or for our other Housemate–but we have both done the voice training and the first housemate has not.

I’m not saying that has anything to do with your particular problem, but it would be the first place I would start in troubleshooting, make sure echo heard what you intended.

I haven’t been having any problems recently but I was in the beginning about 2 years ago. I moved the Hub to the same floor as the OSRAM lights and that resolved the issue. This did not impact the other ZigBee bulbs I have on the second floor of my home.