Lightifty Gardenspot white and a bulb keep going offline

These two keeps going offline all the time, i know it is not a distance problem.
unplugg and plugg and they are online again.
I have one gardenspot RGBW that is stable online, so it is not a all lightify problem.
Anyone else exprience this?

I’ve got a Gardenspot white - but I don’t believe that they’re temperature bulbs, so this could be the issue you’re having.

I use the “Improved Zigbee Hue Bulb MA” DH for mine and it’s solid as anything.

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Found it, applied it.
Will test it once I get home.
Thx a bunc.

I was having the same issue with the RGB version. One would not stay connected - the other one which was right next to it had no problem.

I ended up having to swap out the controller.

However I’m having several zigbee devices with the same behavior.

Swap Lightify controller?
My 3 lightify things is direct connect to ST.
My RGB is stable as rock.

No, sorry I meant swap the zigbee controller.

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thx for clarifying.
A lot of words and things to keep track on :wink:

Intersting to se then.
Seems the “Improved Zigbee Hue Bulb MA” turns on default 5% or something.
So i altered the webcore script to turn it on and then adjust level.
With some luck and no hw fault on the zigbee unit it should be stable now then :slight_smile: