Random lights

I have a random lights coming on, any way to figure out or track down why this is happening? I’m 90% sure I don’t have anything to make them come on there just coming on for no reason . Where should I start to track this down ?

Different people do the research in different ways. I start by opening the mobile app, going to rooms, selecting things, finding one of the lights that I know had the problem, and clicking on the name of that light (just the name, not the icons to the left or right of it).

This will open up the detail page for that device. Tap on recently at the top of the page and you will see the log of events for that particular light. That might immediately tell you if there was a particular smart app involved.

After that, you can start digging deeper into the logs that are available under the developer tools. The following thread explains how to do all of that:


I forgot to mention there is a known issue where if you include lights in your notifications under smart home monitor they sometimes incorrectly come on when the alarm status changes. Not sure if that has anything to do with what you’re seeing, but just wanted to mention it.


Thanks for the help, I’m not using smart home monitor I am using smart alarm however. But none of the lights are included in that so I don’t know if the problem is me or if it’s ST . I was thinking it was smartthings bug this whole time but this has been going on for about two months. ST are so unreliable it’s hard to tell I know other user are reporting the same problem .

I guess the million dollar question is why is it happening

What type of bulb is it? I had issues with my Osram ones turning on randomly, They needed a Firmware update.

There isn’t a particular bulb it randomly turns on my zwave devices and my hue bulbs

I’m having the same issue - GE in wall dimmer controlling halogens. Not connected to a Smart App, just a plain dimmer switch in a bathroom.

I’m worried maybe it’s a Skynet thing … The uprising starts when the lights become self aware :wink:

Today, I tried removing the switch from the network then adding it back in. Time will tell if that does the trick.

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I’ve decided Hues just have a mind of their own, through no fault of ST. I NEVER ( ok very rarely ) use the native Hue app. However I have found that whenever I update the app on any device, or the Hue FW that it decides to default to some of the preset scenes. Usually sunrise and sunset and start turning all my color changing Hues an ugly yellow/red . There is NO indication in ST of the command coming from ST, so I can only assume it is coming directly from Hue. It did it last night and this morning. About 10:30pm all my Hue lights went from Blue to yellowish red. Then about 7 AM this am all my blooms decided to fade in to the same yellow red. I opened up ST and there was nothing in the logs. I opened up Hue app on 3 different devices and show NO scenes at all ( I deleted them all long ago) yet there my lights are running sunset and sunrise ( approximately 2 hours after my local sunset and sunrise. )

How long have you had this problem?

One night - so not even 24 hours - more like 6. Lights came on randomly at 2:30am and again at 6:30am. This does coincide with me getting up in the middle of the night (emergency dog walk) and again when I got up this morning. I had turned on a different light (also z-wave, but different room altogether). So perhaps it’s possible there was some confusion in the system triggering two lights at the same time. The log seems to confirm this.

That said, having removed the “problem” switch from the network then adding it back in, I can’t recreate the issue.

I’ll chalk it up as a random glitch and leave it at that.

If any of my automation starts sounding like Pierce Brosnan, though, I’ll know it’s serious.