Motion sensor turns on light but won't turn it off

Motion sensor turns on light when sensing motion and is supposed to turn it off 15 minutes after no motion is detected. Unfortunately it does not do that. The light is turned on and left on. And yes, I have activitated “Turn off after motion stops” with 15 being the “After this number of minutes.”

Can you confirm your using ST Motion Sensor and the Smart Lighting app?

If you are can you confirm that you have no additional options configure in the 'more options" section?

Test it with motion stops and after 0 minutes to make sure it’s functioning properly. I was having the same problem initially, but it was simply a “watched pot” fail.

Also, the motion sensors can trigger in scenarios you’d consider unlikely. Like I have a motion sensor in the kitchen with extremely limited line of sight, but the damned thing will trigger on reflections off of my stainless steel appliances.

Yes to all. Interesting if I use another ST app to turn off the light at 6:30 it will do so but not if I go through the ST motion sensor to turn off the light 15 minutes after the last motion is detected with the sensor turning off at 6:30.

Your “watched pot” maybe correct. The sensor is pointed towards the bottom of the stairs. It did sense motion at 3:10 a.m. when nobody was up.