Light timers and sensor

I was about to order one of the Wifi Light Switch to control the lights outside then I realized the same company dont offer a motion sensor to trigger them if I wanted to set it up that way. like the Wemo or TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.

That why I am here, I have a few ???
1.can smartthings be setup in away mode so the light turn on/off randomly for a determined time frame let say from 830pm to 11pm
2. during the off timer can the motion sensor turn the light on during the random scene from #1?
3. let say after the timer is completed 1105pm someone get close to the porch would the lights then turn on by the motion sensor?
4. would all this still work even if internet is down?


All of those can be done with SmartThings, but the combination of everything would require logic which has to run in the SmartThings cloud, which means the Internet has to be available.

Depending on the exact devices that you select, SmartThings can run a few basic lighting scenarios when the Internet is down, including just having a motion sensor turn on a light, but it can’t do the kind of complex logic you’re describing unless the cloud is available.