Away mode settings for lights

I have just bought a Smartthings hub to run some Belkin WeMo lights.
Through the WeMo app you could set up a rule when you are away that would randomly turn lights on and off in a predefined window to give the impression that someone is in.
I have found a rule that will turn lights on and off in a predefined window but these turn on and off at a set interval and not random intervals.
Can this be done?


Yep. You’ll want to install this SmartApp:

Thanks for the response.
I have just set this up but it doesn’t appear to be working.
I have the following set to test it.
Which = Home and Away.
Switches = Just one bulb for testing purposes.
Cycle lights = 10 minutes
Number of active lights = 1
People do not change = My Android phone.

Default = 1
Only between = 3:00 pm and 10:45pm
Days of week = Left Blank.

Nothing seems to be happening. I have disabled wi-fi and mobile data on my android to simulate a change of presence.

Any ideas / guidance much appreciated.