Motion sensor with time of delay requirement

Hi there. I have been trying to set up a light activation utilising a motion sensor. Setting up the activation is simple. However, I want to set a rule that specifies the light activation should only occur between certain times of the day.

For example; if the sensor detects movement and the time is between 1800-0430 then certain lights will turn on for 5 minutes. But if the time of delay is outside of these hours, nothing will occur.

Is that possible? Seems a fairly basic conditional statement.

Should be pretty straight forward using the time option

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You don’t say what you’re using to create the automation.

I’d suggest using SmartLighting for this. It allows you to bracket the activation using absolute times or times relative to sunrise and sunset.

It is also the simplest to set up if you want the lights to go off some number of minutes after the motion detector stops seeing motion.

SmartLighting is a Smart App available in both the classic and new SmartThings apps. It runs locally on the hub so you don’t have variable cloud delays

Many thanks. I am utisling the Smart Things app. Add automation - custom annimation menu.

I have not added any apps to Smart Things yet. I have not found any option to add them.

The screen shot i posted is with the custom automation creator. So you should be able to replicate it using the Time condition.

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