Uk light switches with neutral

(Andrew Moore) #1

I’ve just checked my light switches and I’m lucky that they have a neutral wire in them.

The back boxes are only 25mm though generally. Does anyone know of reasonable switches that’d fit and be compatible with smartthings? Ideally I’m also looking for switches that have available quad switches that are double width so everything would be a straight replacement.

Not essential, but even better if they would work with a couple of hue lights I gave, but I can always switch them out.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

(Robin) #2

Smart switches shouldn’t be used with smart bulbs… it’s one or the other.

I don’t know of any quad switches and in wall micros won’t work with 25mm boxes.

You could however put the micros behind the boxes if you have stud walls or otherwise in the ceiling… you could then make your existing switches smart.