In-Wall Switches and Outlets

(Cadocomp) #1

I am trying to outfit a newly constructed home with Z-Wave and/or Zigbee Wall Switches and power outlets. I am having a hard time finding standard toggle switches that have Zwave built-in (GE 12727). Ive installed a few of these, but there doesn’t seem to be many places that sell them. Is there something better than this? I already have my electrical gang boxes installed and house has been painted, so its hard to move to the face-plate style (GE 12730), but is there a better solution to replacing my dumb switches?

(Jason) #2

To clarify, By [quote=“cadocomp, post:1, topic:46886”]
its hard to move to the face-plate style (GE 12730)

You mean the “Decora” Style that is a rectangle correct?

If that is the case, both Lowes and Amazon carry the 12727 you listed, as well as some other online retailers.

Or you could use an In-wall relay that installs Behind the switch(which you would re-use). Like the popular Aeon Micro.