GE In-Wall Toggle installed with a regular toggle switch under a double plate?

Hey all,

I have a couple of light fixtures that are not practical to swap out for various reasons, so I am thinking of getting into a Z-Wave toggle switch. One of the switches I want to replace is one of a pair under a double plate. Has anyone tried this switch in that kind of scenario?

The other switch under the plate is a 3-way and I’m not interested in messing with that right now. I want to leave that one alone, and just swap out the simple switch that controls my under cabinet light. I’m a bit afraid of the electrical part of it, but I have read over how to’s and it seems simple enough as long as the breaker is off. I’m more worried about whether or not this switch will fit in that space.

You should be fine. One thing to consider is the format of the existing switch and the new switch. Depending on the age of your home, the existing light switches might be the thinner/traditional light switches whereas most home automation switches are the larger decora style switches (eg. paddle size).

That being said, I have z-wave switches in all the major rooms in my home including 3-gang boxes. Some of the switches are deeper than others and in some cases, it gets a bit tight trying to squeeze 3 z-wave switches into a box.

Traditional Toggle Switch

Decora Switch

This light switch cover is the type of potential configuration I was referring to if your existing light switches are the thinner toggle style and you need to add in a larger decora style for the home automation switch:

@libra89 and @joshua_lyon, here’s a GE zwave toggle you could use in Tina’s situation to still use the same cover plate and keep the look the same:

You could also use the Decora style and toggle style cause they make covers that can accommodate both.

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Yes, that’s the exact switch I was thinking of. I don’t want to put the decora/paddle stye in just a couple of places. I’d rather just replace what’s behind the plate and not mess with the switch next to it, or mix two kinds.

Thanks for the reply! I think I’ll order one and try it out.

Another option is to use this:

(They also Selk a “light Switch” version with lower max amp… But about same price)
It is pretty small and installs in the box behind the light switch. So visually, nothing changes and you keep your original switch. You just add z-wave functionality to your existing switch. I have two installed behind different switches an they work great.

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