Wall plate for GE 3 way switches

(Sean) #1

I have just switched two standard switches with two GE 3 way on/off switches in a 2 gang box but so far I have been unable to find a wall plate that will fit/cover these two switches. Because of the extra on the sides of the switches I cannot get them close enough to each other for a wall plate (from Home Depot) to fit. I even got a medium plate which says is larger than a standard plate.

Does anyone have a wall plate that I could use or any information so the ones I have might work? Any help would be appreciated.



(Cody Truscott) #2

Read the instructions.The aluminum tabs bend off with pliers.

(Scott G) #3

You can break the little tabs off on the sides, so they’ll fit normal wall plates. Should be mentioned in the instructions that came with them.

(Sean) #4

Thank you for your responses, I guess I missed that in the instructions.