Light Switch Choices - tactile feedback?

I have an installed Jasco 45609 Z-Wave light switch receptacle and it works well, and looks good. However, I’m finding I don’t really iike the tactile “feel” of the switch. When you reach out to the switch it’s not really obvious where you should be applying presssure with your finger; in the middle, the top, the bottom etc. Is there much difference in the various switches out there? Do any switches have the physical switch part actually move between two different states? I want to understand my choices before I make a big investment in a lot more switches.

First, I don’t think most have a physical switch. The problem is with that is a physical switch would require a motor of some sort to change the state of the switch when it was turned on/off electronically.

I have many of the GE/Jasco’s. It takes a little getting used to, but I’ve found I’ve adjusted pretty quickly to them. I also have some Evolve switches and these are 99% the same as the GE/Jascos.

I know that Leviton and Cooper make switches that look different, but I don’t have any experience with them personally. It looks like the Cooper has a thin button on the side that perhaps you use to turn on/off the light while the rocker switch might just be for adjusting dimmer level. I’m not sure at all about the leviton.

Meh, I hate using the GE/Jasco switches physically. I can no longer reach out and flip the switch as I casually walk by, it takes a conscious effort. Even if I do reach out and get a solid press on the “button” many times it wont be a long enough duration to actually turn the light on.

Personally, I think you are getting enough of a solid press on the button. It’s just the ghost that’s living in your house is just flipping the lights back off as soon as you press them on.

You the know the ghost I’m talking about right… the one that’s taking your presence tags away and bringing them back at random times and also unlock and opening your door.