Leviton - Buy of the Day @ Home Depot (03/06/18)



Note that Most of the deals are on two-packs – – it’s a really good price if you need two. :sunglasses:

Is the rocker switch similar to the older models in they are a toggle on the bottom of the switch only?

No, with the “Decora Smart” Line they changed the design so it’s like a regular Decora rocker, you press ar the top for on and at the bottom for off. The switch rests in the neutral position in the middle, but it’s not obvious.


Well poop. I was hoping for a decent deal on replacing all of my GE/Jasco switches. We have the older model Leviton switches in our basement and my wife greatly prefers them over the GE/Jasco switches we have on the 1st floor. She despises the toggle GE switches, and is for sure not a fan of the rocker versions of them either.

The Jasco switches are fine as a budget switch. So in a good/better/best rating they would be near the high of the good bracket. Based on reports from multiple home automation forums, not just this one, A fairly high percentage fails in the year or so after they come out of warranty. Say maybe 10 to 15%. You still save money overall on the total project even if you have to replace those, so a lot of people are still very happy with them. I personally prefer a better engineered switch, something in the high “better” range like the Leviton, but that’s just me.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, though, so I suggest that you search the forum for “GE failure“ and we can continue in one of those threads. Or start your own thread under projects and people can give you their own opinions, this is just mine.

You might also want to take a look at the device class features FAQ. The light switch discussion starts around post 40.

In this particular case, I believe Michael Was just saying his wife prefers the form factor of the older Levitons. Switches do come in different tactile designs, but that’s discussed in the FAQ. :sunglasses: choice is good.

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I was going to post this today. Beat me to it. I ordered one of the plug in dimmer 2 packs. Comes out to about $27 each. Not bad for a Leviton product.

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I ordered a pack too. I’m going to replace a couple of the giant Linear/Schlage dimmer plugs I currently have.

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People like the deals threads to be just about that deal and the minimum information about integration requirements. There’s been a lot of discussion in the forums about that in the past. So I’m going to honor that. :sunglasses: But I’d be happy to discuss different brands if you just want to start your own thread under projects.

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Anyone able to order these from Canada? That’s a good deal even with exchange rate…!

Thoughts on this switch compared to inovelli at close to the same price point? I’m looking to add some dimmer switches, and so far the inovelli are the only ones I’ve purchased.

The Inovelli has double tap options, which the Leviton does not. But the Leviton is more configurable as far as ramp rate and similar parameters:


The Leviton also supports the use of Hail for instant status updates, which the Inovelli does not.

So it really just comes down to which features are more important to you. Some people really like double tap, some find it not intuitive enough and don’t want to use it. Some people want to finely tune fade rates, max levels, presets, etc; Other people just use the factory defaults. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

I would say Leviton is a good choice for people who are especially particular about their lighting control. For example, Leviton is one of the few manufacturers which will let you choose between having the LED indicator off for dim level, Having it always on, or setting your own custom timeout for the dim level indicator (which means it can show while you are making adjustments, but then turn off). This level of customization is unusual in the budget brands of dimmer switches, but then a lot of people just don’t care, or are happy just with an “always on” or “always off” choice selection. But it’s the kind of detail control that Leviton feels is important to its brand.